Home Inspectors & Appraisers


Home Inspectors & Appraisers play a vital role, when it comes to the assessment of the structure. This includes taking into the account the overall health conditions of the home. The End Result Home Inspectors & Appraisers Contractors are licensed and certified to carry out home inspections. In addition to this they give reports to prospective buyers, real estate firms, and financial institutions regarding the present condition of the home.


Home Inspectors & Appraisers evaluate the condition of the home which pertains to the soundness of the dwelling unit, condition of heating system, plumbing, electrical, heating, and other systems. In addition to this Home Inspectors & Appraisers take a close look at the structure to ensure that there are no leaks or structural damage to the property, and evaluate the market value of the property.


The report given by Home Inspectors & Appraisers can be used as a diagnostic tool that will help us to identify repairs and maintenance if any. This in turn will result in savings, and thereby reduces costly repairs in the long run. This will help us in decision-making. Feel free to communicate with Home Inspectors & Appraisers regarding any issues.

List Of Questions To Be Put Forward To Home Inspectors & Appraisers

  • Cost of inspection
  • Qualification, license, experience, and the kind of training undergone
  • Parameters of inspection
  • Whether they will review and explain a particular section of the report( refers to certain section of the report that is misleading and confusing)
  • Will the report be filed, and if so how long will it be held

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