Gardening is a part of a home improvement project. Gardening Contractor from The End Result Orange County will help transform your entire gardening project. A holistic approach will do a world of good for gardens. A set of checklists when carried out will give households ideal results.

Maintenance Checklist

Planting Area

Some plants need constant care and attention. Check the condition of plants during spring season. Organic mulch will help retain moisture in the soil. This will keep a check on weeds.

Preventing Weeds

A thick layer of mulch will keep weeds at bay. Removing weed by its root would be an ideal solution. Caution should be the watchword when making use of herbicides. Weeds should be kept to a minimum.

Fertilizer Usage

Households should fertilize their lawn two to five times per season as per the growing pattern. Chemical and organic options are available.

Controlling Insects

Caution should be the watchword when using chemicals to control insects. Using natural chemicals like beer will make things much easier as they attract and kill pests and insects.

Why Opt For End Result Referral Gardening Contractors

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