Dryrot is found in places where there is water, moisture leak, and poorly ventilated areas. It’s more of a condition wherein the fungus spreads at a phenomenal pace rotting the wood. This affects the strength of the wood. If this is the case a Professional Dryrot Contractor like the End Result should be called in to treat such a situation. The ideal way to ensure safety of your home is to make sure that the home is weatherproofed.

Take note of areas that may get affected by dryrot, and keep a close watch on such areas. Figuring out such problems at an early phase will make sure that you spend less amount of money on restoration, but if left unchecked it can spread quickly to surrounding areas.

Efficient drainage and ventilation system is the need of the hour to prevent reoccurrence of Dryrot. Preventive measures such as wood preservative can be used to prevent such problems especially in floors, furniture, and woodwork.

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