Bath Remodeling Orange County

Bath Remodeling Orange County
One of most common remodeling jobs is Bathroom Remodeling

This could include simple changes like changing fixtures to full bathroom remodeling. Most common bathroom remodeling projects are:

Installing Bathroom FixturesBathroom Remodeling

This covers replacing or installing bath tubs, toilets, shower units, shower liners, bathroom cabinets and a host of other fixtures that you need in the bathroom.

Bathroom Surface Remodeling:

If you are happy with the layout of your bathroom and just want to change the look of the bathroom floor and walls then all you need to do is cover and not replace. You just want to refresh the look of your bathroom by remodeling the surface textures by either re-painting or applying ready and easy to install surface covers.

Bathroom Layout Remodeling:

This involves changing the layout of the bathroom because you want a complete new look for your bathroom including resurfacing the bathroom and changing the structural design of the bathroom.

Tear-out and Remodel Bathroom

This is the ultimate bathroom project. It involves a complete tear down of the bathroom and re-designing the bathroom completely. It includes layout, surface design, fixtures and plumbing.

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